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April 27, 2006



What a curious experiment you are subjecting yourself to.
I really like your thinking, I wonder if your experience will change your body's tolerance of the drugs.
Maybe you wont need to take as many, maybe you will desensetize to the pain a little.
Perhaps the cycle of painkillers & self fulfiling compounding things to cobat the side effects will come to an end or change slightly.
Any sign of withdrawal symptoms?
Either way I'm thinking of you. Be careful. And good luck. Hope the whole experience is beneficial, even if you just prove that you're not an adict!

Liz Marshall

I just checked where the term "cold turkey" originated. It seems that the term was a descriptive one denoting the coldness of cold turkey and the goose pimples which oftern appear on the skin of one going cold turkey, which makes me wonder why it wasn't called cold goose.

However ... I didn't really see any goose pimples on Andy, though he did complain of feeling cold, but then he also complained of feeling too hot. He did remain more or less human though and managed quite a lot of niceness amidst all the pain. Thank you.

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