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April 26, 2006



most people wash them down with water...


Not going to be flippent on this one.

I think the fact that you have questioned it, indicates that there may be some truth, but at the same time no-one should be in any unnecessary pain.

Long-term pain is hard to manage and the fact you have started swimming is a wonderful sign that you are already seeking alternatives.

Set yourself markers for levels of pain and the relief needed. I am sure this will give you some surity that you are back in control.



I was told to come off even 'over the counter' painkillers slowly. Please be carefull!!! Mind you I still take up to 4 panadol extras each day for headaches etc - just taking two is a good day. My goodness - what does that mean?

lesley m

I was on painkillers for 9 years and never thought that I would manage without them, have you tried anything else?, one of the big tips I got was to give up diet coke and other diet drinks and foods which contain aspartame as this chemical turns to formeldahyde when it reaches body temp and if you get overheated it then changes to formic acid which attacks the bones especially at the joints.(I am not sure if this is actual fact but someone gave me the info from internet source) I am not cured but my pain is much easier to manage,(the painkillers were easier than the diet coke to give up)maybe its worth a try, whatever you do when thinking of changing any course of treatment or you are worried about it talk to your doctor


Sorry flippant, even...

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