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March 12, 2006



Great hat, Andy and it looks positively freezing.


Sorry Andy Scotland's snow is much mpore impresive! Check Ed's blog 4 details

Liz Marshall

What he doesn't mention is my driving in the snow to capture these images. A centimetre or so and the roads grind to a halt as motorists skid around, mainly through being too cautious. Though at one point I did seriously wonder why exactly we were out driving in the snow. Did I say one point? ......


It is a nice hat, although not made from kangaroo so I am unsure about its snow stopping qualitys, however very useful in certain restaurants whose name seems to be on the tip of my tongue...


Come on TL, I said, let's pop out and get some pictures of Scammonden dam.

Truth is, I'm not sure whether we succeeded or not. I'm thinking maybe not.

I suppose the best that can be said is that we bit the bullet and went out in the very utterly freezing cold and got some pictures of the hills, rather than just staying home and photographing the garden.

Pointless? Maybe. Just maybe. :)

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