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March 24, 2006


claire cooper

can I get them to do me?


And me...

Liz Marshall

The first one looks like a sex change as well ... amazing.

Maybe you /should/ learn, Andy, then you could do us all!


I thought the second looked better before and the last one was a transexual.


I think the second one looks like a sex change, after make up she looks like a man in drag... eeek!


It's a sad thing when a guy is 'wowed' by chemical dyes from bottles and tubes when the real beauty was in front of him all the time.


and this seemed appropriate...
"The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white,
neither need you do anything but be yourself."
Lao Tse

Andy (Easily "Wow'd") Curtis

You're right, Jac, of course.

My fascination is in the transformation - I really do find it impressive. It's another kind of canvas, and the painting is great.

When it comes to personal preference, I have always been attracted to women who do not wear much make-up.


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