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February 10, 2006



Your voice mail doesn't work. I called you several times only to be told by the nice lady from Orange "this number is out of service". I have to disagree with you for the first time ever, totally stupid - NO, a little careless - perhaps!


Hey if that's the worst that happens in this transition stage - you'll be lucky - we are all still here for you Andy - do not fret - it is a temporary niggle :-)


Andy, I've been trying to call your mobile but it isn't working - do you know why?


No idea Jason.

Are you absolutely sure you're pushing the numbers hard enough when you dial?


No that's still not getting through to you. I've even tried mashing the number pad with my palm. Should I just shout my conversation to you very loudly? How far away is Huddersfield?


Maybe you could write it down and I could tie it to an arrow


Try NOW Jason...

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