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February 15, 2006


Beanie Baby

The breakfast looked amazing! The eggs would be brilliant for making a vivki sandwich with! Say "hi" to D1 etc xxx

John Cooper

Busy Bunnies! As usual your picture aid my diet - not :) Hope to see you soon back in the NE.


I wish I had even the slightest idea what a Vivki sandwich was. I really do. Tell me. Tell me now.

Sorry about your diet. Maybe you could try to think of it like this: I'm dying, so you don't have to.


Everyone wins.


Where did you get the white pudding, Andy?


I got it at the bacon shop on the Fish Quay in north shields, Rebecca.

Beanie Baby

Hello, i meant to say a viki not vivki sandwich. Which is short for a victoria sandwich! U know light fluffy sponge with middle layer of double whipped cream with fresh strawberries or jam! They tend to taste better with good fresh eggs!

D1 C2

He came, he saw, he conquered

Thank you very much - you were a very good house guest!

D1 C2


Thanks Andy, had some in Dublin, really liked it and been looking ever since.


Why didnt you draw a smiley mouth with the sauce. If a double yolk egg is good for anything it's a smiley mouth

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