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February 22, 2006



Okay will come back to you soon, watch this space.


This is clearly a competitive doodle, Andy. I believe that you've deliberately gone out of your way to make this doodle clever and creative and intended for publication, which to me negates it's power as a determinant of subconscious indicators and psychological profiling tool. Please can you provide proof that this doodle was drawn in a wholly unpremeditated state and was not intended to be viewed and analysed/evaluated by your fans?

John Cooper

So this is the "onion-headed-pixie-hallucinogenic- native-American" side of your psyche as discussed in Freud,Jung,& Allen et al (1932). Hmmmm (you just know I'm stroking my beard)!!!!!!!


Rebecca - I await with interest.

Jason - Not at all, I did the doodle when I got a new pen with red ink in. It had previously had black ink in, and this doodle represents its transition from black to red. I just doodled with my new pen. I later signed it and dated it (2004) for submission to ArtSIG. It was never intended to be competitive... and a mouse really did jump into my mouth.

John - I am awestruck.

Mr. Mavin

I think I prefer the photos of your thumb!


I know its coming, a bit tied up at the minute.

Liz Marshall

Ian, how could you leave you wife in this state!


Thank you Liz, maybe he will listen to you. I am just red in the face.


You are a person pays great attention to detail, in everything you do.

Your levels of concentration are good, but the face suggests difficulties in a relationship, there is a great sense of self-preservation and a very protective nature and a need for security.

The various boxes and show difficulties ahead and a need to speed things up as the intricacy of your doodle suggests you are frustrated.

I noticed this doodle is quite pronounced which means that you may be under more stress at this time than you would care to admit.

You’re quite outgoing and have a great sense of perception, particularly with people.
You quite like working out and weighing up people in your many walks of life.

Although a social person at heart, you love your quiet time equally.

The waves indicate an artistic nature to your personality, which can take many forms.

(I had to look up what the colours meant)

The fact that these colours are used shows someone of a gentle nature and naturally creative or that was the colour of the pen in your hand at the time.

You will be pleased to know that red indicates that you are very sexual.

Finally as a whole, it looks like someone sitting at a desk surround by equipment and wonderful wallpaper. (The shack).

On that note I will finish and leave for you to digest as I don’t know what you were doing in 2004.


Rebecca - this is awesome. Thank you.

Now I have to decide how much of this is your assessment of me generally, and how much is an assessment of my doodle.

Can the two really be separated? I guess the only way is for us all to do doodles and not to know who had doen which.


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