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January 24, 2006


Tim the Enchanter

I think you'll find that the most successful ever England manager was Sir Alf Ramsey. Why?...because he actually managed a team that WON the World Cup, something that Sven has yet to do. Check back in late July for an update on this fact!

I agree about the newspaper guff, but there is something slightly indecent about a man getting £4 million a year for managing an average football team, and then receiving £5 million for leaving that role.

I'd love to see a daily breakdown of the Engalnd managers diary and work schedule. I mean how hard can it be to occasionally get players from diverse clubs together for a bit of a kick around, and then occasionally to visit their clubs to see if they can still play.

John Cooper

I think that's the point though Tim. If he were going because the England team are mediocre, then so be it. Get Someone else in - great!. But, he's going because the press just cannot leave people with any celebrity alone. The only crime Sven has committed is that he has a social life - and he's England manager. His affairs have been a lttle sordid, but he's not the Archbishop of Canterbury so who cares.

It also begs the question of what effect is this going to have on finding a replacement. I know a lot of people would like his replacement to be British, but there are a few really good foreign managers who may be tempted to take the job - but would they having seen the treatment that Sven has had?


I think this is a job for anyone who wants to grab some headlines (front and back page), where a nice sports jacket, nod a few times, and then be spat out.


Oh THAT's why you offered to kill all of the people who live in Northumberland today. Thanks Andy - it was a lovely thought.


it seems our friendship must have hit an all time low if you now need to murder me to make Jason HAPPY!


Nothing personal, Christine.


You'll still do it for me though, won't you Andy?


Oh yes - I've already started.

I've begun with the old and sick.

Tim the Enchanter

Wrong....I'm still here!

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