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January 09, 2006



It's a big con, he doesn't have a hat


Oh yes I do!


I like Roses Lime Marmalade, but of late need to expand my tastes to my Pride of Northumbria collection.

So when you get to Newbiggin I may use your tasting skills and invest in some miniatures for you to try.

By the way I hate marmalades with large peel such as orange shred. I know this means I have not matured, as with my dislike of cheese, but I plan on trying to be grown up in the future............maybe.


The sounds like great fun, Rebecca. I've always fancied myself as the Egon Ronay type. :)

Tim the Enchanter

Isn't there some sort of ancient law about running out of marmalade?


Ofcourse when you eventually reach Nbts you'll have to try Lesley Muters wide range of truly scrumptious marmalades they have fantastic ingredients such as whiskey and ginger etc etc etc. Simply marvelous. The range is called House of Hannah and they look good too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I was much younger than I am today, I disliked the taste of marmalade. Its metallic bitterness was alien to my young tastebuds which seemed to crave the instant 'hit' of sugar. Since then, a man has shown me that what once was bitter can 'become' sweet. Now I relish how it fills my mouth with its mysterious and adult fruit.


Gosh Jac, you make marmalade sound so sensuous.


Marmalade? - we were talking about marmalade? :-)


doesn't it just come out as crap in the end? I mean.....jeeeeez


Aaron - oh ye of little faith.


marmalade is my life i love it it is so versatile it goes great with pork and duck i dream of new things to do with marmalade every day i am currently working on hair removal using marmalade if anyone needs cooking hints i'm the gal

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