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January 15, 2006



That reminds me of a story about a kite that I know, when I was once near a kite and something happened.


Really.... you have a key ring kite. Why didn't Mary Poppins have one in her bag?

Liz Marshall

Oh, I'm sure she did, it's just that others had bigger and better ones. She would have hated to look the fool.


No, I believe hers was amazingly big and far better, but she didn't want the kids to feel like their kite was crap.

Liz Marshall

.. or maybe she just forgot her bag that day.


Well just full of admiration, I looked in my pockets today and all I had was a piece of lego, one pound coin, packet of pocket size tissues (thats the mum in me) and a packet of pro-plus (thats the everything else in me). Whats in everyone elses pockets today?

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