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January 05, 2006


Liz Marshall

I lived at the top of Dog Kennel Bank. When I was a child there was a row of houses in the village called Shittertons. There still is a pub called Bum Royd.


There is a village outside of Durham called No Place

Mr. Mavin

In the Netherlands, I lived on a farm for 3 months near a small place called "Swifterbonk" ...... appartently their populations increases faster than any other town in NL. !!

Ed Marshall

I have to say I think Scotland has some of the most amusing place names. However this one always makes me laugh when I drive by the sign on the way back north to my house; 'Ecclefechan'


These are great - thanks to all who have already responded. Fantastic.

Shittertons and Bum Royd are already deeply lodged into my all time favourites list.

Swifterbonk has to go there as well. No place is somewhere I have lived very near to for a long while, so I suppose that de-mystifies it a little. I do like the paradox it represents.

Might be fun to argue the council tax based on the fact that it was not a place...


There is a place near Cramlingotn called Bog Houses.


Sorry - I meant Cramlington!


I live in a city called London, now there's a thing

Liz Marshall

Just remembered another one from childhood. There is a row of houses in Almondbury called Mark Haigh's Backside.

lesley friend of the currys

I once got very queer looks when i asked for the directions to indoorroopoly I pronounced it as it is spelt when in should have sounded like indropily, and last year we stayed in the beautiful place with a nasty sounding name of geocrab

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