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January 17, 2006



Excellent choices - especially Office Space and Twelve Monkeys. I could almost add The Fifth Element and Brazil to my list - I think to do this properly you have to choose 5 films within each film genre. I steered clear of science fiction in mine, but I love some SF films. Difficult isn't it?


Yes, Jason, it is definitely difficult. I found, though, that I was freed up by the realisation that I did not have to choose the /best/ five films I have watched, or even my five favourite films.

All I had to do was pick the five films I am most likely to reach for and re-watch. I think I did OK, but it would probably take me a full day to go through everything in my head and rate all the films I have in respect of re-watchability. I decided that life was a little too short, and I had a life to pack up. :)

Ann Cooper

My top 5

1) Hobson's Choice - I love John Mills in this
2) The More the Merrier - yet another black and white comedy
3) Beaches - for when you really need a good cry
4) Pirates of the Caribbean - Johnny Depp at this best
5) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - forget singing in the rain this it the best musical ever.
also at number 5 would be The Big Country which is the best cowboy film ever and I couldn't decide between them.


Top 5
Heaven can wait (both versions)
It's a wonderful life
Some like it hot
Oceans 11 (the first version)
Mrs Brown

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