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January 23, 2006



Now THAT beats Carrots any day of the week

Liz Marshall

Oh yes, Ian. Very yes.


Mmmmm, can smell it from here.


Sounds like a perfect evening. I want to go there NOW.


Hi, I found your blog today and I surprised it when I read your post about Persian food. I am ( as a Persian ) happy that you liked and enjoyed it. but please attention that:you can find foods more delicious that Arya's here in Iran. But if Ahmedinejad and Mr Bush Let you to taste it! I linked your post in Mine :)


Thanks, Farhad, for commenting on my Blog.

I'm sure the food in Iran is fantastic - but for me Huddersfield is nearer.

My first impressions of Iranian people is that they are open and friendly - and the restaurant I went to is already one of my favourites.


One of my oldest friends in Perisan - hi there to Roozbeh Mahmid who now lives in Sheffiels - he might find his name if he searches for himself in Google (as everyone does now and again I'm sure). Hi Roo - I'll pop down and see you soon I hope! Say hi to Catrin (it's his wife - we named our daughter after her, but changed the spelling to Katrin so as not to be total copycats...)


wooow, i can imagin what u have done there :-)) try it each week, u would never fotget persian's foods taste.

jose martin

i was looking for arya restaurant & find your review , was excelent, many many thanks

all the best


Wow Jose! I am so glad you found this - aer you from Arya? Thank you for commenting.

jose martin

hello andy , the answer is yes ,i was in the internet to see diffrent web site for persian food , to get the idea to improve the our service & also quality of food. was very nice , i hope you will enjoy more next time beacuse we have some live gittar on weekend and also our friend MICK will sing english songs, all the friend really like the program , come on and try again .

all the best & God bless


hi i was planning on going for a meal for my bday next week and wanted to try something different from the usual italian, indian, chinese, etc.
Somebody mentioned a persian restaurant intown but id never heard or seen anything of it.
i found your review/blog/whatever you call it on google search, and thanks to you i have definately set my mind on going there next week for the meal.
Cheers for fulling me in on the depth of persian food.


I'm very happy to see that people outside my country enjoy our food.And because of that im sure thats why they were so hosptitable. Having said that Iranian people as a whole would always welcome people in their homes and culture regardless of ones race or nationality.

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