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December 02, 2005



There's no-one more sanctimonious than a reformed smoker, eh Andy? :-)


Wow, fantastic, are they the party bags for the end of the party. I can't wait, must be hell of a big cake.


You must forgive my wife, she is always presuming.

Dont worry Andy, I in fact am quite aware that a gentleman such as yourself would NEVER supply the party bags in a plastic carrier.
I am expecting my party bag to be stored in nothing less than a Valextra "Diplomatico"


I hope there's some Lard for Jason!


Oh yes, we have lard aplenty, and beetroot salad and muffins and cheese pasties and....

....well, I'll not spoil it, but if you go hoem hungry it will be pretty much your own fault.

As for party bags - what can I say? I hav nicer things than that to entertain you with.

No party hats, either.

But hey, bring your hand-help percussion!


Hand-HELD percussion...


Frank - I am a non-practicing smoker, at best.

I jsut think it's funny that the measures brought in to rid places of smoke have ended up having the oposite effect.


Surely it's okay just to 'practice' smoking, as long as it's not proper smoking? I'm sure I've read that's safe.


Have a great time all!


Hey Cal - come on over!


Dammit - my invitation arrived just too late....*sigh*

Tim the Enchanter

It was a great night. Thanks for all your efforts and hospitality Andy & Liz. Hope you are feeling better Liz. The soup was the real deal...loved it. Just needs a good logo now I guess.


Yes great night, and just about the most fun I have ever had with a leaky bottom while surrounded by scurvy, plinny tube problems and other wonderful ailments.
It was like a medical holiday camp, only with doughnuts.

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