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December 26, 2005



I actually liked this even more than the Christmas thing. I absolutely insist that you release an album (double if possible) of this - including laughter in the background - it's as near perfect as music can get. It could be called Now That's What I Call An Organ or something else that's mildly lewd or inapropriate. Again, those feelings of jealousy aren't getting a whole lot better...


Sorry to hear that you are no longer using your organ as much as you would like.
Maybe TL would like to use your organ, or perhaps you could share it out on a time share basis among the residents of Argyle Terrace.
There must at least be more possibilities than putting it up on the open market.
Geting money for your organ just seems so.....sad


Jason: It's a shame you weren't here to play with my organ.

Ian: I am shocked that you would stoop to innuendo.

claire cooper

Surely, this need to be the new theme music for the radio show.

Liz Marshall

Ian, I have never tried to use his organ, and sadly, now it is for sale. Maybe I'll have one last chance when I'm up there this weekend. Thank you for your kind thoughts.
Innuendo Andy? How could you!


I would like a chance to use your organ Andy. I wish I had the talent to utilise all of the organ and show its full and true potential. Alas it would take a greater woman than me.




Yes, I think I can safely say that this has managed to go in a direction that I had not forseen.

Thanks, anyway, to you all for "bigging-up" my organ like this, it's appreciated.



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