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December 24, 2005



Thank you :) Merry Christmas from both of us!


It shouldn't matter being an 'everyone else' - it really shouldn't...
And to all the other 'everyone elses' out there... am sure Andy loves us just as much as the people whose names he remembered... and we shouldn't focus on why he remembered theirs and forgot ours... we should focus on all the other good things he's brought to us this year...
Try - try and it will happen - maybe not today - but later. I love you, Andy - still :-)


But Jac - you ARE there, really you are. Next to Tim and The Lady Brenda.

Look again, carefully...

(I wonder how many other f-ups I've done? - Please email me for subtle inclusion if desired)


Ah - you move sideways :-)
Subtle inclusion is delightful.


Why isn't my name bigger? Shouldn't it be bigger?

Tim the Enchanter

I feel as if I have finally arrived.


I'd like to offer you a woman in return for my oversight of your non oversight:-)

be prepared to be blown ... away :-)

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