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November 24, 2005



Fantastic news! Chill out old friend, it brings you one step closer to joining us here in Royston Vasey.

If there's anything I can do, just ask. Or better still, if there's anything Jason can do, just ask... :-))


Best of British, hope things run smoothly for you both. Can' believe we are nearing our first christmas here in NBTS.

Jason and that if you want it. Oh damn I'm busy that day. When was it? Er...

Liz Marshall

Very exciting and cool, but a little scary too, well, maybe a lot scary. Brilliant news though. I'm well pleased, but then I would be. :-)

Tim the Enchanter

Good News Andy! You SEEM to have enough offers of genuine help, so I'll just stick around should any of these turn out to be no-shows.


and I will be cheering Tim on when he gets the call to help


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