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November 29, 2005



No, even worse would be to take photos of it. Oh.


You just carry on while you have the high..........

John Cooper

Just to make a point the other week I took a picture of our breakfast bar with nothing on it and mailed it to Claire at work with the words "this is what it should look like" - She's just about talking to me again.


Yes they don't like it being pointed out do they. I tried the same thing with a picture of Jennifer Lopez's bum.

Tim the Enchanter

Confession time. As well as my handle 'Tim the Enchanter' I am often called 'Tidy Tim'.

Liz Marshall

I look forward to seeing the lovely tidy house on Friday. :-)
Wish mine looked like that!


Jason I thought your comment was absolutely awful and I wonder what behind your wife would prefer to look at?


After all it can't be yours as you're always sitting on it.


I think it's fairly safe to say Jason's comment was meant as humour, Christine, and I know Antonia has enough of a sense of fun to see it like that. She did marry him, after all...


Christine, is this some subtle way to get the conversation round to /your/ bum?


Christine, once again you have demonstrated how selfish, uncaring and ignorant you are. If you had any feelings whatsoever you would understand that I need to sit down all day due to my special medical condition, which those who know no better regard as 'laziness'. Besides (or should that be 'behind') only we know what your bum and mine have in common.

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