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November 30, 2005



Personally, I think it means more to wish friends Merry Christmas face to face anyway. I see you read the post on my blog about it, and we both seem to be in accordance as far as this Christmas goes.


I'm not sure I could do that, I may not believe in spending thousands on presents for everyone whose name is in your phone book, but I think it is nice to just send a card at Xmas.
For a lot of people it may be the only contact they have from a 'missing person' that year. It might be the only thing that says, "hey, I am still here and thinking of you".
I think cards to people, or paperwork as you call it are very important, and if my card is the only one on your mantle this year then so be it. But at least you will know that I was thinking of you at Xmas.


I wasn't going to send you a card anyway you miserable bugger.


Thanks for your feedback.

I think, from our point of view, it is just an extra hurdle that we feel we can't face this year.

We will, of course, not bin any cards received. It's not a bitterness thing. We jsut don't want to present problems to anyone this christmas, and we don't want anyone to be offended by our lack of cards etc.

Please try to understand. Christmas is special, and we can't make it special this year.

It's a sad thing.


Interesting comment, Ian. Surely though, if the only contact someone has is a Christmas card, does that not tell you something? Surely it would be better to make more of an effort to contact that person all year around, rather than simply leaving it to a Christmas card?


Yes you can make it special and I totally disagree that you can't. Defiant as this may sound, we are all facing challanges this year in our own little ways, but a special time will be had by all whether they want it or not:)

Liz Marshall

I get where you are coming from Andy, it's tough to know what to do and to do nothing seems a good option. Thanks for your openness.

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