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October 11, 2005


John Cooper

Never been to the museum bit, but went to see the matrix there. I have frequented many loud gigs, but the sound was awesome. I also like the shop and many cool postcards we're bought. But what of the train Journey was it all you desired. What did you "cop".


The train journey was lovely, John. Really lovely.

The museum is great, well worth a look. I think I liked it better when they had more to do with still photography.

Was The Matrix show in 70mm? if so - Wow!

Liz Marshall

I was somewhat disappointed in the 3D, but then I would be, not being able to see it with my one useful eye. However, at least it was in proper colours due to the new way they do it rather than totally red. I enjoyed the visit though.


Seriously I went there recently thought it was quite crap! IMAX was cool but the museum desperately needs renovating, a lot of things were broken and didn't work. TV heaven was quite fun. Coffee shop was overpriced in my opinion, overall unimpressed. Not helped by the fact I was with my friend 2 boys that fancied her and her 9 year old brother! Whoop dee doo!


I guess it's like anything, it depends who you are with and what your priorities are.

As a place for an attractive girl to take her friend, two suitors and younger sibling, maybe not. As a place to have a fairly nice time with just one friend on a not-very-bright Sunday afternoon, not bad at all.

If I was to be critical, the museum did have quite a few non-working exhibits and a lot less material overall than I remember. There were quite a few places to which I did not go, though. The IMAX is now very expensive at over a fiver for a ticket. I'd expect to pay that for a feature film, not just a short film - however good.

I remember going there with a friend, years ago, and paying not much more than that to see all the films during one day. It was fantastic, we just dived out for a coffee or a quick look at an exhibit, before diving back in for the next film. Happy days.

Also, I was in a very good mood indeed, so therefore likely to view in a positive way.

Nevertheless, thank you for your comment, I'm sure it is, in reality, crap. Or worse.

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