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October 22, 2005



Thanks I want that house, its great.


Didn't you hear me,I want that house. You haven't got electric fencing have you?


I actually thought I had left a comment here from my mobile phone - seems like it didn;t take hold properly.

Of course, you must have the house.

30 quid?


Thank you £30.00, will you take a post dated cheque?


I take it thats a no, even a big nooooooooo.


I'd prefer to be paid in dried apricots.

So, when you have enough dried apricots, please pay me 30 pounds in cash whilst in them.

Aaron le Chanteur

Hi, I can't afford the house but can I have that ciabatta?


Dried Apricots, can't stand them so you can have them all..........except I never buy them. Oh well, will have to stay put for now.

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