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August 18, 2005


Liz Marshall

Well, I fell for the cheap visual gag. Thanks. :-)

Mjr. Colin Rimfist-Legburst

I must say that, after the sober and considered content of your previous blog, this comes as a shocking and downright appaling violation of all that I hold dear. If I wanted to see a gentleman's plimmy-tube or a lady's tuppence - or her globes of ambrosia for that matter - fashioned out of gingery biscuit, I'd jolly well watch Channel 4. I will not be pleasuring myself with your passages again, sir.


Puts her hand on her ha'penny (whoever told you it was a tuppence was guilty of gross hyperbole)and begs the funny people to stop making her laugh...or at least give her time to recover in between bouts :-)

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