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July 24, 2005


Liz Marshall

Nice picture work on the sparkly writing. You look to have had a scintillating time. Your face says it all. :-)


Lovely pictures. You have redefined my concept of 'party' and 'enjoyment' and not in a completely good way. Might I suggest that you become the first person in history to write an entire volume of peotry in sparkler photographs. Or you might like to do people's portraits that way. It's a new art form. If you managed to write something very controversial or rude, or draw a willy or something, it might even get some Arts Council funding, or who knows, win the Turner Prize.


I do enjoy how you imbued the illuminated calligraphic strokes with an evocative sepia tone - it looks git classy like.


Believe it or not, Jac, no colour work at all. It really was that colour in real actual life.


You mean - we're just naturally a class act?

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