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June 14, 2005



Perhaps Triumph the insult comic dog can help explain some of the mystery around this case? - See link.

Make no mistake however, this trial is and always was about one of mans worst pitfalls "MONEY".


The prosecution screwed up their case by calling the alleged victim's mother to the stand. She ruined the case for the prosecution.

John Cooper

Fantastic entry. I've also been watching the Sky reinactments, and I'm in total agreement. Me and Claire watched the verdict live and were absolute dumbfoundered when he was found not Guilty on all counts. Although we have to be wise in our handling of under-aged testimony (and by that we have to understand that a 13 year old can lie as much as the next person), the defence team offered no rebuttal to Gavin's testimony. I found it telling that MJ didn't take the stand. Thomas Mesereau is supposed to be the expert in getting famous people to take the stand, and win cases-in fact it's how he's made a name for himself. As you said, Gavin Arviso said he was abused - nobody said he wasn't. And the only person who could denie it didn't take the satnd. However, for me the most telling verdict which shows what a farce this trial was was the one for supplying a mionor with alcohol. All the witnesses said that Michael Jackson drank wine from a Coke can. No-one rebutted that Michael had been giving Gavin a drink from Coke can in a "conpiritorial" way. No-one rebutted Gavins testimony that he was given wine. So we know MJ drinks wine from a coke can, we know MJ & gavin were drinking from a Coke can in a suspect manner, we know Gavin showed signs of being drunk afterwards, & Gavin has told us that IT WAS WINE IN THE CAN. No-one said otherwise. Even if Gavin and Starr had stolen wine from the Neverland wine seller, it doesn't mean that MJ wasn't guilty of giving Gavin wine on the plane. It's like saying it's OK for me to give my son bleach because he's drunk it of his own accord before. I'm still the adult - I'm still in charge.

Thanks again for a great entry.

Miss Sparky

Isn't it quite obvious that MJ is touched? I believe that he might simply have slept with these children, although I must admit I did not follow the trial at all. But I do know that I would not think twice about letting my neighbor girl stay the night for a sleepover.

But you must know that in the U.S. you get as much justice as you can afford. So really no suprises here.

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