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May 23, 2005


Tod Caro

Spicer is OK, but her lower class pronunciations of words like "pound" (payund) and "five" (fuhiv) are unpleasant, even to us US viewers.


At the end of the day, you people do not know her and are being particularly harsh. I know Lorne and she is a lovely person. The laugh is real and genuine, she talks about her work with enthusiasm and she doesn't wear all that make up off camera! She is a doting mother to her son and she is a very generous person. Everyone has things that they don't like about people and I think it's unfair that she is being targeted. She does her job and goes home to be with her son, simple as.

Please leave her alone!!


Why Kma? These bloggers have provided so much entertainment taking the mickey out of her. Long may it continue...

ken dodds dad

What's the difference between Lorne Spicer nd a bucket of shit?

....The bucket

the scotts

after sitting discussing the annoyance of lorne spicer with my husband for what feels like the 100th time..we decided to see if there was anyone else out there who felt the same way. my first line of thought is why? WHY.. is this awful trognadite even allowed to offend my eyes multiple times on a daily basis...and why is she also allowed to offend my ears with her monotone droning whine of a voice.
then my trail of thoughts led me to wondering "who" or "what" ???
WHO..or WHAT dark force would even contemplate giving this woman her own prime time midmorming slot on tv? this i have to say upsets me...and i imagine a million other housewives who sit down to a nice cup of tea only to be faced with what possibly is the most annoying woman on the planet.
and my final thought is this woman who calls herself lorne actually human or is she some kind of insect that has crawled up from the sewers only to make me feel like i should throw my much loved tv through the window. the truth is we will never know what lies beneath her multitude of knee length coats...wooly scarves and 10inches of makeup.


Thank the Lord for small mercies

clive smith

Her voice does my head in !!!!


Oh, I'm with you 100%. I can't stand the woman. I hate her nasal, whining voice and her put-on laugh. I'm sure she had elocution lessons at one time to stop slurring her words and she now enunciates her words to a ridiculous degree. She also stretches all her vowels out. Aaaaaand....It surprises me that she does so much presenting, not only because I think she's crap at it, but because I think she comes across as really fake and amateurish.

It amazes me that so many people have commented that they love her!

Oooh...I think I need to have a lie down in a dark room...

Karen USA

I can't stand this woman on Cash in the Attic, she is so false, so wooden and her voice grates. I wondered where she had come from, thinking she must be related to someone in TV, because such a poor presenter shouldn't be on TV. I much prefer Alistar Appleton, the rest, and I think I have seen Jenny somebody and the other guy with lisp who is awful.


do you think it's ok to be fat then? pork face.

old lag



I hate Lorne! She is sssooo false, that artificial laugh, ohh it makes me want to punch her square in her snout!! I watched the outtake clip, and it only confired her attitude on screen. What a false cow!!

Stevie boy

Lorne was born 23 January 1971 so that makes her 37 though she looks more like 45.

ben dover

Has anyone noticed that Lorne now seems to no longer use her false laugh?
She also tries to talk posher but you can still tell she is as common as shit.


Personally I Find Lorne to be one of the most attractive women i have seen in a long time(but that is just me). In reading some of this stuff i have to say i find alot of very jealous people. I am in the U.S.A. and if she were ever to make a career here, and if she were to have me i would marry her in a heartbeat. I only wish i were able to see more of her on American television.Now on a personal note to MS.Spicer i would love an autographed photo.

donald donaldson

I have to correct the poster who said that Lorne is 37.
She may well be 37 in dog years but in real life she is 45.
Wilkipedia says she was born in 1963.
Though she looks so rough they must mean 1863 as she looks so rough.

I remember the good old days when television only hired good looking presenters.
They have certainly scrapped the barrel with this piece of shit.
I would rather rain man presented instead of this fuckwit.

For two reasons I would not piss on Lorne if she was on fire.
The first being is the munter might live and make another show.
The second being she might actually smell bettter covered in urine.

brendan davies

Burn the fecking gobshite at the stake.


I think you must be scum - Lorne is a great person she's done really well for herself and people can relate to her because she's down to earth - I suggest you take a hard look at yourself coz 'our Lorne' is the best TV presenter on the box at this time - sack Fern Britain and put Lorne in her place along with Marc Franks and I might even start to watch ITV.

Sir Peter Townsend

I had to laugh at the message posted by Michelle who posted this drivel "I think you must be scum - Lorne is a great person she's done really well for herself and people can relate to her because she's down to earth - I suggest you take a hard look at yourself coz 'our Lorne' is the best TV presenter on the box at this time - sack Fern Britain and put Lorne in her place along with Marc Franks and I might even start to watch ITV."

You are in the minority darling; people do not relate to her they think she is a joke.
She is as common as shit but still looks down on others.
Fern Britain may be a fat blob but people genuinely seem to like her.

You only have to read the various comments posted here to realise people hate Lorne.
That don’t just dislike her little they despise the old dog.
If your role model in life is Lorne Spicer you must be one of life’s under achievers.
Just think some people look up to Nelson Mandela.
That silly cow Michelle thinks the sunshine’s out of Lorne’s arse.


where did lorne get her black n pink silk dress from that she wore on put you money where ur mouth is ???????????????????????????????????


u lot are sooooo rude there is nothing wrong with lorne spicer !!!!!

u all need to gooo and get a life


u lot are sooooo rude there is nothing wrong with lorne spicer !!!!!

u all need to gooo and get a life

amanda miles

Why does that awlful woman lorne spicer try and talk posh on her shows.if you listen to her old stuff she is taking in a essex twang and cor blimys now its POSH..COME ON LORNE YOU ARE NOT talk how you used to and dont kid yourdelf or other people..its so obvious darling stop faking!!!!its so irrititating stop it!!!

Betty Swallocks

Me and my partner always laugh when Lorne starts speaking in her "posh" voice.
Someone needs to tell here you can't polish a turd.

Betty Swallocks

Another thing has anyone noticed she has stopped doing her fake annoying laugh?
I think someone must of had a word in her shell like.
She must think that if she puts on a posh voice and drop the laugh it will enhance her career.
Are the BBC really that desperate for presenters that we have to endure that haggard old witch?

Everytime I see that porker on TV I can't help but feel there is an Essex seafood stall outside a pub.
That has a memeber of staff missing.
She reminds me of Norah Batty but without the class or good looks.

John Allen

I like Lorne. I find her very sexy. Yes, i would truly love to have sex with her.

Billy no mates

In my house we don't all her Lorne Spicer.
She is known simply as the shit faced fat arsed slag.


OK, this seems the place! Just to update all the posters here, and enable them to savour the irony, Lorne Spicer AKA Lorne Donovan declared herself bankrupt on 4 December 2008. Bet her research on Beat the Baillif came in useful!

Honest John

Haha the silly cow is bankrupt.


Every one is entitled to their own opinions but I feel you are being a bit (just a bit?) harsh on Lorne.
Ok, she may not put on the "tv" act/face that others (Davina McCall?, Carol Vorderman?, etc.) do but she has something about her that makes her seem to me (maybe just me?) a very attractive and sexy lady. It's not just the rare shots of her in boots (although that does add to my arousal on the extremely limited oportunities I have to watch her programme/s) or in flowing and or short skirts but there is just something that makes me want to whisk her away in my car, marry her and spend the rest of my life making her happy and contentended. The coments (by return email) of the editor/owner of this website are eagerly anticipated along with comments of other people out there.


I think you should get in touch with the people at Guinness! Get your face in next year's book, Andy!

Betty swallocks

How hilarious that fat arse Spicer has been made a bankrupt.
She shouldn't of wasted her money on having her make up put on with a roller.

Dennis the Menace

At this particular hard time in Lornes life.
Can I just take this opportunity to give her some words of advice.
"Get your fucking fat arse down the dole office and collect your Giro you over made up fucking witch"


It's true, the fat munter is bankrupt!

Hope the BBC sack her. Here's to a life of selling prawn rings on the Iceland adverts..although I bet even they would think twice about that!

Cosmo Small piece

Lorne always reminds me of that silly bitch Kerry Katona.

Both are fat slags

Both are hated by the public

Both have no class or sophistication

Both are being made bankrupt

Both are now so poor they have to shop at Iceland

Gwen Bailey

I doubt whether any of Lorne's snide critics could
do her job as well as she does. I suggest they look at themselves first to see if they are above

alan Thomas

Personally i do like lorne but i must admit that the false laugh and plastic smile does cheese me off aswell and as for my missus cannot even stand the sight of her.


some of the things said here are hilarious, and she does have an awful laugh, wears too much make up and big clothes in summer. i wouldnt have thought she was mean, but i guess i was wrong. get the minger of the box. she cannot present at all


You'd tire. Oh yes.


she is a essex slag!

she has gone in bueinss fucking in the alis in leigh on sea

i have footage of it email me for details


OMG Look what i found guys cause lorn has lost al that money shes broken in to the indrusty

dirty little sket


I feel really mean, but I've just heard that Lorne has declared herself bankrupt, and laughed. I'm sure that bankruptcy must be an awful thing, and I am sort of ashamed of myself, but it makes her claims to be a financial expert seem a little dodgy, don't you think?

Jen Stevens

I like to watch her programmes, but don't particularly care for her as a presenter, although she is probably a very nice person in real life. What I can't stand is her clothes - she needs a Trinny and Suzanna make over; she wears some hideous and unflattering things that look like they have come from the left overs of a a bad car boot sale, or unsold jumble. Please let's have Angela Rippon or Jenny Bond, at least they are stylish!


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