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May 07, 2005


Jason Thompson

I noticed that you worked the fact that you have OSX Tiger, a Canon i865, and voice recognition software into this blog, but nowhere did you mention my satellite navigation system. Does this not strike you as a little self-focussed? Don't get me wrong, it's your blog and you're entitled to write about whatever you like, even it it is a dry and tecnical as this and will benefit only one other person, probably, who will most likely be a geek with no friends anyway, but once in a while a little thought about ME and MY needs would be welcome, that's all.


Ah, Jason .... he mentioned your having SATNAV on MY blog in a vain attempts to make me jealous. Needless to say, it didn't work. I apologise here for the personal slight I made concerning your map reading skills. I'm actually delighted for you that you have SATNAV.


OH! Well - I'm with iListen on that score ;-)


Yes, Jac - this won't affect you, being a lady, as you obviously don't fart. :)

(or is that mor elike you don't fart obviously?)




well, in fact, i may be that "only one person" with nobody but a 2 year old screaming in the other room to call my friend. all the same, i have various family members who are in want of a cheerful pictures of her for christmas, and it's my hope your printer solution will work! i am in the process of downloading the 232 driver as i speak, er, type. be sure - as this is far more likely to result in a positive outcome than a negotiating with a toddler over naptime - that i will write again to let you know. in the meantime, thanks for thinking of us friendless AND techknowhow-less people...


me again.

would you be so kind as to be my canon-tech-support for the moment?

i did as you suggested above....after my computer restarted, it asked me to do something in utilities (realign the printer head or something) ...but first, of course, i needed to "add" the computer to my printer list. it didn't show up on a list of options ...and when i then did a search for "canon" or "i865" ...nothing could be found. it's as if the download never occured, even though i followed the download instructions and restarted the computer, etc.

am i missing something??

thanks in advance, if you have the time and patience for this.

[email protected]

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