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April 22, 2005



I simply must leave a comment! you have got to be one of the funniest buggers to write a blog I have ever read!

I stumbled across your blogg looking for a picture depicting hopelessness and so here I am, I think im addicted now.

I must ask though, I couldnt find an entry old enough to explain how you ended up going into hospital with your leg problems in the first place nor when you got out of hospital (or are you still hanging out with Spiderman and co?)...

Be cool, and remember you can wear your underpants 4 times without washing, frontwards, backwards, inside out forwards and inside out backwards.


Hi Storge!

Spiderman is very old news now. I broke free from the constraints of Sunderland Hospital some months ago now.

I was in there ebcause of a re-occurrence of ceelulitis in my left leg. It was pretty bad, so they needed me on IV Antibiotics - hence the need for hospitalisation.

So now - another Blog for me to read... :)


I didn't know Steve and I had a 'good guide'.
I can't decide which of you is the funniest - Jason's blog on the Soul Doubt practice is ridiculous and yet very funny. Yet yours is also funny and I now find myself spending far too long wondering what you are both up to most days! I must have a very boring sad life! _ Please don't comment on that last admission.


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