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April 01, 2005



Speaking from inside the education system, the rot set in when control of school kitchens was taken out of the hands of schools and put out to tender by the LEAs under the instructions of the, then Conservative, government. This resulted in real kitchens being removed and most of the food shipped in to be reheated by the limited staff. The cook-chill method was later deemed to be unsafe and many kitchens were restored. However, in many schools, the dinners and kitchen are not the responsibility of the school and we have no say in what staff are appointed and little say in the food that is served. I just hope that there is some means of keeping a check that the new money produced, as a result of Jamie's kitchen dinners, actually goes to upping the quality of food offered to or children.


Hear-hear to that.


and thirded here... or do I mean hear?

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