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April 24, 2005



Hmmmm .... what interests me most about really looking back is seeing how people lived then, just the ordinary people. So to visit things like Pompeii and get a flavour of what life was really like, going to places like Beamish where there are recreated examples of life in Victorian times (I really must go back there!). So, if I were going back to today, then I'd want to see how ordinary people lived. Maybe I should therefore spend more time visiting my friends. :-)


I always read your blogs, Andy, and have commented before (on a previous religious theme?) but I think what is noticeable about this one is the existential aspect you give it, with the quotes. It makes the 'early 21st century northern English middle-class housing estate' quite chilling, in a way.

'What was it like to live now?' you ask. And I read an article in the Guardian about schooling which can't be too far away from such a background (or is it? I don't know, being an expat for rather a long time) you could find at,6903,1468996,00.html

Where are we going? And what are we going to do about it? That, to my mind, is the existentialist aspect beneath the past present and future it seems hard to resolve here.

Am I reading too much into this? I don't know, but I'd say it's worth a thought, at least to offset complacency.


Thanks for your comments, people.

I realise that a posting like this is never far from being total rubbish.

However, it's a thought that I still count to be worth attempting to express. Thanks for entering my frame of reference.


What one earth is everyone talking about?


That, Christine, is possibly the best question you could have asked.



Friends and family. I'd spend time with them all, and then I'd give them a good slapping, for fun.


christine wrote: "What one earth is everyone talking about?"

Ha ha ha. ('One?') That's what happens after a long night out. Sorry about that. ;)

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