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April 06, 2005



Indeed! - are you two available for external hire? I could do with a good de-clutter too :-)

Jason Thompson

Oh lovely. You should both feel very proud of yourselves. I had a fraction of Andy's equipment in my studio a few years ago, and the mere thought of rearranging anything filled me with dread, and I too put up with things not working rather than deal with electrical spaghetti on my hands and knees. I can imagine what it must be like, so well done and I hope that the inspiration this has given you helps you to avoid churning out uninspired cliched musical garbage like the stuff I only ever produced.


5AM!!! I ducked out at about 10pm, when most things seemed to be working.
You say all in a day ... well, yes within a 24 hour period that would be acurate, but, what a day! Well done for lasting the course and getting it all really working and everything.


By the way ... it was a pleasure. :-)


It looks absolutely spiffing. (Slaps a gold star on Liz's forehead then continues to gaze in awe at the 'wall')


it's not all that shiny though..... well not from that picture... and I don't believe it is new either.... great work... bad description!! ;)


Cal - Sure, my rates are really high, and I didn't actually do anything, it was mostly Liz. That said - sure - please contact my agent.

Jac - I know it's ugly, but to me it's beautiful.

Louise - It's shiny and new to me. Having everything re-wired and sorted out is like having it all brand new - and, as everyone knows, anything new is, by definition, shiny.

Gerald - It's so hard to know what to say to you.


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