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March 23, 2005



I have an somewhat entertaining story about polecats.

Last summer, while working in the Detroit Prosecutor's Homicide Office, the son of a judge was interning in the office. He was a West Point military academy student. He was quite conservative in behavior and dress. Quiet, but efficient in movement. Not talkative.

One day he waved a few of us over to the cubicle in which he worked, and motioned towards the computer screen. In full glory was this fellow, wearing a leopard skin male bikini doing a pole dance in a women's club. Thereafter we called him "Pole Cat," which nickname he wore proudly like a badge.


I too have an somewhat entertaining story about polecats.


It's worth visiting the web site mentioned on the poster, particularly the Gallery. I find it particularly ironic in the light of these photographs that one of the main benefits of a pole dancing class is raising self-esteem.


I guess it just goes to show, you never really know someone unless you've seen them in a strip club.

Erm....not too sure about that now.


What I don't get is why would I buy a voucher for the "lady in my life" so she can go and learn to prance about cat-like in front of other strange blokes? What happened to the fox-trot? Or Dorothy Perkins vouchers? Don't they do the trick anymore?


Aaron I think the point is that she has lessons... by other women, along side other women.... then you can get one of these amazing poles installed in your front room so she entertain you for hours after learning how to! Either that or she could just do it on any pole available whilst in your presence... like the nearest local lampost or road sign, or maybe even at the local fire station!
Hope that clears things up for you!! ;)


Also... foxtrot.... Dorothy Perkins?..... I assume the lady in your life is your mother?!!!!


Are you suggesting that Brenda Sokell does poledancing? If you are, I can assure you that Tim has never mentioned this, and I know he would notice such behaviour. Besides, she and Tim are exponents of Modern Jive which uses relatively few lurid moves and shapes, and almost no baby oil. Tim might use some on his hair, but that's as far as it would go.


Still laughing!

Tim the Enchanter

I have nothing to say on this subject, but can't help noticing that my sensible post on 'calking' produced only three comments, whilst this one, on what can only be described as a 'tacky' theme, has thus far received nine. I think I've made myself clear.


Is this the post you are referring to on your own blog, Tim?

(Click on my name to go there)

If so, I am slightly puzzled...

Tim the Enchanter

Hey...where's all the comments. Come on people!

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