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March 03, 2005



Yeah, snow. It's cold.

Write more about truth. I have just found your post on it, and I want to hear more people's opinions on "truth"! Perhaps I should just write about it on my own site. But no-one reads my site, so perhaps not :)

There is only one truth. How can there be many truths? There can be many circumstances, each with its accompanying truth (eg the road accident example), but each circumstance only has one truth.

The accounts of the witnesses to the road accident may vary in detail, but ultimately they still point towards the one truth of what happened.

In the Bible we have many stories, many accounts, OT and NT, and they all point towards the Truth that is Jesus.


I think you should write about truth on your own site, Dave. Do you ping a few servers to alert them to your new posts? It really does make a difference, and I'm sure many people will be fascinated with your views - even if they do disagree with them.

One potential difficulty with absolute christian views is that there isn't much, or indeed any, room for discussion. You believe what you believe, and so the discussion often quickly changes into a slightly pointless cyclic argument.


Andy, love the attached post photo. Like the skies opened just enough to dust the town with powdery snow.

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