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March 14, 2005


Tim the Enchanter

Totally align myself with your remarks about self employment, motivation and organisation Andy! I'm sure everything will be OK when I've...done this job / phoned this person / received this cheque / got some new business / had another coffee / gone for a walk around the block etc etc. Also - thanks for your 'Neighbours' confession. Can I tell you that Bren and I have been watching this show for years. We said we'd definitely stop watching it at various points, the latest being when Carl eventually finds out the truth about Izzy, but in reality we know that there will always be another plot line to follow, another twist to keep us hooked. We feel cheap and shallow, but hey, its only a bit of fun, right?


Neighbours is nice.


Nice confessions, Tim & Dave.

I really don't know whether we should all be seeking professional help or fighting the peer pressure not to watch.

I mean, it's only TV...

Tim the Enchanter

...and have you noticed?'s been getting a bit raunchier lately, and touching on some 'sensitive' issues. Dilemma: watch less to prevent contamination and deeper feelings of cheapness, or watch MORE and become informed and engage with current post-modern thinking about such issues. (No need to answer this.)


What's Neighbours? I've got a next door one. We don't often talk, sometimes we say good morning if we happen to walk out of our respective doors at the same time, so I don't really know if he's nice or not.


I do wish someone'd find out that Carl is not Izzy's baby's father and that Linnie would pull herself together and realise that Stephie could not possibly have euthanased her grandad and poor Toady - when will he find the gal he deserves.
Neigbours Moi? Nah - never watch it :-)

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