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February 26, 2005



I'll lose some faith in the Ami criminal justice system if he isn't convicted. He has some of the best lawyers money can buy, unfortunately.

He has admitted to sleeping in the bedt with young boys.

I believe one of the pieces of evidence held by the prosecution is a pornographic magazine that has fingerprints of both MJ and the young boy complainant in his criminal case. Also, apparently the young boy can identify distinguishing characteristics of Jackson's, um, "member".

Yet "guilt beyond a reasonable doubt" is a very high burden for the prosecution to overcome with any jury. (I think the jury system itself is a blight, but that's a different matter altogether).


Well, Tom, you would know about such matters. I suppose a lot rests on the jury.

As I implied with the silly bit I wrote there, it is in drawing back that it becomes obvious. I'm sure MJ's lawyers will focus in on tiny details and try and tie it down that way.

Even so, he is dangerous for kids and I hope he is punished.

Otherwise, the message goes out that celebs can screw children, as long as they are rich enough.

I'm not sure the USA or the world would be entirely comfortable with that.


Personally I question his guilt. Sure a 40 odd year old man sharing a bed with young boys is not wise or right but until it is proved it is more than that I do wonder. In some ways he doesn't even seem capable of it to me. I think he's very naive, like a young boy himself, maybe he doesn't understand why it's wrong.
Whatever the case is and whatever the judgement is I hope beyond all else that this troubled soul gets some help.
He is obviously very messed up and who knows what he suffered at the hands of his father when he was a boy, he has his coping strategies as we can see from his face and lifestyle. I pray for mercy and that he may be able to sort his head out and face up to reality and find peace, wherever he ends up.


I hope he gets some help, too. I really do, Lou.

Imagine it was murder, though. However innocent and naive MJ was, if the boys all ended up dead after being in his bed, would he be guilty?

He leaves behind him a trail of young people who are damaged. They may not be dead, but the mental state of these individuals tells its own tale.

Michael Jackson will always be one of the greatest popstars of all time, but he has a weakness that wrecks lives.

What's more, he doesn't see anything wrong in what he does. That means he will re-offend if action is not taken.

My own hope is a simple one. I hope that he never hurts another child again.

Beyond that, I would be delighted if he recognised that what he does is wrong.


How many young people do you know of whose lives he has wreaked? Good old Jordie Chandler.... whose father and him are now living happy and rich lives after the multi million dollar pay out. If it was my child I would not accept millions in compensation, I would want to see him sent down!
The media can be a vicious weapon. It can report many things that people read as truth, and don't forget it pays people a lot of money to say these things.
I'm not saying he's innocent, all I am saying is that we cannot categorically say that he is guilty of sexual abusing these boys. He's apparently had many of these 'boys' in his time, how many have come forward claiming abuse?
Wasn't it social workers that called for this trial not boys or parents?
I'm not saying he should carry on sharing a bed with young boys, he shouldn't, all I am saying we do not know it is more than that, no one does aside from God MJ and the boys themselves.

One thing that gets me is that it is widely known that his father used to beat them regularly when they were in the Jackson 5, disciplining them to make sure they worked hard, maybe. My question is, what 5 year old should be beaten to make him be a pop star? That shouldn't happen, how come his father was never investigated?

All the information we here is subjective, and none of us can really judge because we don't know.

Lets just hope and pray it's a fair trial, with a just outcome and that the people get the help they need.

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