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February 26, 2005



Very interesting! As an athiest, I'll refrain from adding to this conversation. As to general truth and falsity, I also agree that the concept is very fuzzy indeed.


Even bible commentators agree that there are discrepancies created by the very type of situation you site. So yes, I would consider such a book to be true. I would also contend that the bible contains many truths. So whether one believes it to be wholly true or not, it's still well worth reading and taking note of.


Tom, I don't think being an athiest really affects this particular discussion - although I am cheered to see that you are a person who believes in something.

I guess my faith is much the same, just directed differently. :)



it isn't a simple task, but you're not suggesting to give up and stay with the opiates are you? (not that I've anything against then ;).

Re, bible truth: perhaps what was implied in your conversation, Andy, was more than accidental interpretation, but how much the original bible script may have been readjusted by an ancient 'attorney general' on behalf of political motivation. Worth considering as priests once enjoyed the kind of power, position and privilege - and responsibility for our state of mind and well-being - politicians aspire to nowadays. All in the interests of the people of course..

Conjectural, but in light of what we see in those who seek positions of power at least worth bearing in mind. Truth is the proverbial needle - it exists everywhere and though hard to tell from straw it's still an indispensible tool and so worth the effort.


Hi Rich - Oh I do believe that th Bible has been a victim of religious leaders editing it. I don't actually think much belief is needed there.

I suppose, what I'm saying is that despite all the different stages the bible has gone through, and the intrusion of authorities with questionable motives, the bible still maintains a remarkable amount of consitency and "truth". Enough to justify its position as the primary text of an entire religion.

What baffles me, is the need of some people, to cling to tiny verses from this epic, and to style major sections of their life based on these fragments. Often with little or no personal research, and maybe as a result of peer pressure, or simply religious rhetoric.

My greatest fear is that some people's search for truth amounts to little more than starting with a desired outcome and then searching the Bible for supporting verses.

Truth is an illusive creature, and sometimes I feel I have encoutered it, even if only for a brief moment and for a single issue.

I'm grateful for the insights I get, as and when they come. What scares me is those who are completely confident of possessing the whole truth on many issues - all the time.

Thanks for keeping the discussion going... it interests me.

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