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February 28, 2005


Tim the Enchanter

Simply...superb! I literally gasped when I saw the final shot. That is ONE tidy desk Andy.

Dr. Hugh Jass

I'm sorry, Tim, you appear to have miss-spelled "untidy".


Hmmm .... nice. If I ever go for that G5 I think I might want one!

Jason Thompson

I am glad that you take such delight in these work-of-art keyboards. I certainly enjoy mine, and hope that it brings the same level of satisfaction and meaning to your own life as mine has. I have yet to discover the hushed wonder of unwrapping an iPod, but hope to one day, and can only weep in anticipation until then. May the words that you type on your perfect white-and-transparent tablet be inspired and inspiring. Perhaps a poem that uses every key?


May I also compliment you on the ambidextrosity of the photos. Truly magnificent.


Thank you, Liz. Much appreciated. No, really.


Are those HUGE speakers hooked into the Mac. If so the startup chime could kill someone. I want speakers that big to plug into my powerbook.

Todd HJ

I hooked my iMac G5 into my pair of JBL Eon Powered Monitors, The start-up chime could be heard from a block away (much to my roommate's annoyance :) I had to disconnected them after the Adium squawks gave me nightmares of a nuclear duck invasion...


Yes, the JBLs are hooked up tot he MAC, but in practice, the startup chime never comes through them. I actually never hear the startup chime at all, because the Soundsticks are USB and don't become active till some drivers have gone in.

To be boring...

The JBLs are hooked up, by means of Delta1010 which patches them to the desk, and the monitors are driven by a dainty little 1 Kilowatt per channel SAMSON amplifier.

Were I to turn the wick up to 11 and fire the startup chime through the system...

...well, I guess most people round here would know about it.

Thanks to you both for commenting.

Jonathon Ive

I must thank for this loquatious and captivating muse on what is perhaps my most functional yet elegant design. I really must thank Our Illustrious Leader for given me the artistic freedom to explore this minimalist statement of QWERTY, white and lucite.

P.S. The box was just an afterthought.


Wow! That's amazing! The actual designer of the Apple Bluetooth keyboard on MY blog.

I'm just totally awed out here.



Oh nooooo! Where are your white gloves??!!


How is the keyboard "feel & key action" relative to the PB "scissor" keys? I love the look, and the idea of a bluetooth keyboard, but as a touch typist I find when I switch from a PB keyboard to a desktop keyboard I make a ton of typos. Thanks


Hi Mack - I would have to say that the key touch is completely different to the scissor approach.

That said, there is a positivity of respons eon this keyboard that I did not see in earlier G4 keyboards. I found them too slushy and indistict.

So, whilst your love for your PB is obvious, I do believe you could learn to love this keyboard. The touch is positive and slightly, just very slightly, springy.

I am currently learning to touch-type and I am finding it a lot easier on this keyboard than I did on my old Logitech one - upon which I struggle to type now. I have reconciled it to one of my PCs - it's happier there.

My one great sadness is that Apple do not make a functional mouse. Their dogged insistance on a single button and no scroll wheel continues to puzzle me. Thousands of lost sales there.

My next project will be a piece about iPOD, iTalk and Podzilla. Watch this space, or one near it.


Adrian - they were at the cleaners. Obviously.

I can assure you that all testing and assembly was performed in an airtight room, and that I was completely naked.

I hope this information helps.

James Katt

After having owned 17 Macs since 1984, after having tried all of the Mac keyboards, the best keyboard I have yet found is Microsoft's Wireless Natural Keyboard Pro. I prefer a wireless ergonomic keyboard. The Microsoft Keyboard still needed modifications - such as wrist pads on top of it's own wrist pad to keep the hand and forearm straight while typing. But once done, I get no Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pain, while typing 120 words per minute. This I cannot say for any regular straight keyboard.


James -

OK, you win. You typinf skilk exceeds mine so totalky thay I must respect your views.

I predict that you touch trype, as the smoke cominf from the keyhboard would make it invisible to the human eyes.

I am also relieved and filled wiht joy that your CTS threat has been successfully averted.

Pleas don;t be offended, though when I say...

The Bluetooth keyboard will always be cuter than the keybioard enitiy you have created.

I know it's a shallow comment, but there you have it.


Andy Curtis
(typing speed...13 words an hour. with some mistakes.)

Dave Balogh

I just purchased one of these off ebay for a decent price. Looks like it has had 1 days use, maybe 2. It's a beautiful keyboard, feels amazing typing on it, and it works very well with limited desk space. Also works with absolutely NO install in Windows XP, (must have service pack 2).


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