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February 21, 2005



Nice shots, Andy. I like the b/w.


What part of the USA are you from, Tom? Do yuo get much snow?


I'm from Michigan, which gets quite a bit of snow. Living presently in Detroit, a sprawling mess of concrete and industry, scenery isn't much to look at or photograph.

But on the western side of Michigan, where I grew up, is very pretty. Especially during the winter. Lake Michigan lakeshore is pretty in a way I've rarely seen elsewhere.

Tim the Enchanter

I like this second picture very much Andy. The path running left to right...the large shadow under the trees...the smaller shaped shadows in the snow...and the gravestones like lurking figures in the background. Very nice composition and very pleasing shot. Thank you.

PS - Sorry I forgot to call you yesterday at 4pm about the Anti Virus. It was in my diary but I forgot to look. Classic mistake. How fickle am I eh?

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