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February 26, 2005



Below is the deposition of the clinical psychologist who interviewed the complainants and apparently initially reported the abuse to child welfare and law enforcement officials. The linked site frequently publishes such legal documents as they are available to the public.


My point remain that help should be offered, maybe even forced!
Punishment in what ever form it take rarely works. Locking some one up for how ever many years so often doesn't help and they come out and go back to committing offences.
Do not for one moment assume that I am taking sides, MJ over children, I am not. Not child should ever have to suffer abuse at the hands of anyone, however I am aware that abuse, especially emotional abuse comes in many forms and I would say well over 50% of children world wide suffer abuse of some sort, however it is rarely recognised and dealt with in a way that is helpful to all party's.
Many people suffer the sort of abuse you talk about Andy, Many relationships end that way leaving people feeling rejected and alone. We don't lock those people up... maybe we should? However having "suffered" this sort of "abuse" quite a few times, both from parents and other people I do not wish that on any of them. I wish that they improve themselves and learn how to do relationships better!
I also wish and pray that God helps me to forgive them as often people aren't aware of how they hurt others and therefore it is the "victim" that will go on suffering while holding unforgiveness in their heart.
Fortunately I have good friends and a Loving Father (GOD) who helps me with this and builds me up from my experiences. Being able to forgive someone when they've never said sorry isn't easy but it's so much better when you do.


Thanks for replying, Louise.

I think the fundamental difference here is that these are not relationshiops between equals. This is a grown man in his forties with young children. That means the responsibility lies with the adult (MJ) to run the relationship in an appropriate way.

I'd be as upset as you if he didn't get good help in dealing with his issues. I do, however, feel the law should prevent him, as far as possible, from being able to hurt people in this way again.

Initially, this may mean incarceration in some form. Unfortunately, the figures on paedophiles re-offending do not make pleasant reading.

as I said before, I would be really pleased if he came to understand why what he did was wrong. That would be quite something. If he can get some help along the way with his other problems - all to the good.

There is plenty of room for compassion here, and I would always fully support that. I'm not interested in a witch hunt.

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