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February 18, 2005



Amy lives on, in our hearts too. I found - (while I was looking for something much less interesting) - this little gem... and of course - I thought of you.

To say, 'Yes, I lied but consider my position', send three spiders in a matchbox. Rubies and juniper are apologies. Sign your name with blue ink if you want another chance, green for ambivalence, red if you've torn your mouth from its hinges. A bird's nest warns that desire obeys only itself. Twine says shame. You love her, but love yourself more? Wrap a magnet in a newspaper. Abalone means 'We must resign ourselves to fate'; paintbrushes 'There is much I cannot understand'. Cotton is astonishment. And if you know you must speak, but not how or where to begin? Amaryllis."

This is from a book of amazing poems called 'Centuries' by Joel Brouwer. Described below by Adam Zagajewski thus...

'Joel Brouwer's prose poems are like razor blades, sharp and flexible.'

And by Andrei Codrescu...

...'they work as missiles, pastires, of treasure chests.'

I wish I could post you a link to Amazon but I am bereft of technical expertise.


I am also bereft of typing skills.
I would hereby like to lie and say I deliberately mistyped 'They work as missiles, pastries or treasure chests. There. I lied. :-)


The hyacinth is a lovely plant, even without flower


Jac - no, you didn't. :)

Tom - Thanks for dropping by, I must remember to visit your world of legal stuff and Kung-Fu sometime very soon.

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