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January 20, 2005



I too find it scary. Bush states that tyrannical systems are not good, that countries need democracy.He himself is not prepared to submit to democracy when it is in opposition to the views he holds, hence the war in Iraq. In other words, the only peace and political systems that are acceptable, are those condoned by Bush. To me it smacks of setting himself up as the world tyrant.


President Bush bothers me tremendously. If prompted I would talk at length about how he's rolling back progress not only in international relations, but also domestically in civil liberties, separation of church and state, and various other areas.

He's in my opinion unfit to lead the U.S.


You're scared? I'm terrified.

Tom, I agree with you. And I live in the US of A.

Yes, I voted. No, I didn't vote for the shrub. I try to rationalize my terror by telling myself "it's only another four years." I hope we all can last that long.

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