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January 08, 2005


Tim the Enchanter

Only in a literal sense. BTW Andy - you look almost naked now that you've taken your decorations down/off.


Bloody windy - so windy it blew this picture away and left behind some deepply meaningful geometric shapes in the top left hand corner of the rectangle where a picture would normally reveal itself in a tantalising way... but today cannot be coerced to do so. Maybe it's because of the wind?


It shows up as a quicktime movie for me...

Try going to and installing quicktime.

Might help.


Yes it's just you.


Never have I see a finer MP4 - oh - now I can't see it - oh yes, I can..., fun, fun!


Almost is good Tim!
Movie fine for me, lovely blowy trees which make one intensely glad to be inside. Of course, it does follow one down the screen as one scrolls, but I'm sure there is an advanced technological explanation for that.

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