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January 10, 2005



You could have made me one while you were at it!!!!!
It's like when our boiler broke and I really wanted a bath.... not a cold shower.... it's amazing what you can do with 4 big pans a kettle and an hour of time!!!!


Hi Lou - I was exhausted when I'd finished. I've never felt like I earned a breakfast quite so much. Needless to say, I would have broken the pain barrier and made you one had you been here. We even have some mushrooms to cook in butter and some nice small stotties to put it all in.

So - feeling hungry?

Liz Marshall

It feels like one of those occasions where that small gas ring you've talked about getting would have been useful. Was wondering what to have for tea though!


Maybe even an electric ring would be handy.

So tonight presents a perfect excuse for a meal out or a take-away. :)

The repair man says he will come tomorrow afternoon.


Note: I did not have a take-away tonight.

I microwaved some frozen left-overs instead.

Liz Marshall

... or a camping gaz stove. I had yesterday's lunch leftovers for tea. Great minds .... etc

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