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December 08, 2004



Blunkett - yes it's sad when people who once loved each other end up hating and trying to score points off each other - I have a couple of friends who are going through just exactly this at the moment, and it's very sad that people don't see how schoolyard such behaviour this is, and actually beneath all but the most stupid and selfish people. I wish that people in that position could realise that - hey - they loved something about this person, and there are very likely still to be things about them that they love, but for whatever reason thier relationship as a whole isn't going to work, so let's call it a day and live separate lives, but remember the good as well as the bad, and not go out of our way to make life difficult for other people.

Northern Ireland - I think the solution is to give Ireland back to the Irish, and if that's not possible or not all the Irish want that, then keep a small bit at the top right hand corner for those Irish that want Ireland to be British. See - everyone's happy.


Thanks for your comments, Jason. I particularly liked your suggestion about Northern Ireland, and will pass it on to the relevant authorities.

Regarding relationship break-up, I do know of some couples who split with surprisingly little acrimony. As far as I can tell, these seem to be long term relationships which broke down a long time ago, and so the break-up is just a formalising of what actually happened back then. I'm sure the ones that cause the worst pain are the ones which affect couples who actually have a lot left in the relationship, but force the split for various reasons.

I plan to offer a full service to my friends, whereby I make a judgement on how successful and friendly their divorce will be, should they go for it.


I heard a comment from Tony Blair on the radio on my way home. He likened the Irish situation to climbing up a mountain, only to realise when one reached the summit that in fact there was still a way to go. I liked it. Progress has been made, but it's not the end.
Re David Blunket .... if a friend of mine asked me to check an application form for a job at school, I feel I could do that without compromising my position as a teacher there. Why should he not help a friend .... and it's a bit like shutting the stable door after the exit of the horse to whinge about the affair after it's ended. As you say, it's all about people trying to score points and cause hurt. I find it deeply sad that our press delight so much in capitalising on such things causing untold damage.


I agree entirely with Liz re the David Blunkett thing. The world seems to revolve around helping each other when we can, then to be condemned for that seems ridiculous. I'm not of the "whiter than white" opinion. If people do a good job, that's enough. They're politicians, not potential saints.

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