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December 15, 2004



Jammin' in the name of The Lord? :-)


Cue: Basil Brush - "Boom, Boom!"


This example from your life helps us to see that what we present to the world is what people think Christianity is. It puts a responsibility onto us in some ways because we are the shop window of the faith we follow. In other ways we do not need to feel a weight of responsibility because if we allow God to work through us we show faith simply by being ourselves.

I think it is an incredible testament to the love of God for you that although as a child what you encountered was a bit like seeing Christianity in a hall of mirrors i.e. the image was based on the original but unrecogniseable in parts, you have been able to go back the original and find it's value for yourself.


Thanks for your comment, Karrie.

I never intended to talk about religion much on this blog - but I suppose that is unrealistic, as faith is part of my life - and I do intend to talk about my life.

I like that this entry helped me to realise why faith is still important to me, despite everything. I hate that some people will have now judged me as a religious bore, or something.

To those people I say: So I do a little praying now and then. It's OK, I can handle it. :)


This a really great post, with many good points. **** Kudos! I have to agree with you in regards to the organized church. They aren't doing a good job. But, perhaps if you look at it a different way... the church is the body of Christ, and we are the body.. so if the church isn't doing a good job, that means WE aren't doing a good job as witnesses for him. Eh? I'm not trying to take blame upon myself, however, we are all responsible for our own relationship with God... no one else can have that relationship with Him for us... we need to reach out to the dying and lost world... So how do we reach them we ask?

Love. Grace. Forgiveness. By example.

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