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November 26, 2004



Gosh, a blog addressed to me personally! I am impressed! You made it sound easy ... was it? I mean, think of me on a tired Friday evening ... that easy?!? I was amazed that you managed to continue to post via email from hospital, I guess this would have made that easierer.
Your own breakfast cookage?


Cool, soon be able to blog directy from the toaster if this carries on. ;-)

Brilliant looking B'fast too, all I got was museli! :-( <---Jealous


You're absolutely right, ToastBlog Pro will soon be out for Windows PocketPC equipped toasters.

Also look out for: EspressoBlog SE, given away free with every Braun high pressure coffee maker.

I'm holding out for PenBlog 2006 - a unique solution built into an ordinary pen, by which Blogs can be updated. Simply take the pen and move it over an ordinary piece of paper - you'll need to create shapes exactly like the letters on your computer keyboard. Then, when you have completed your entry - siomply scan it in and post.

Very clever stuff, and available from £29.95 for a basic pen Blogging set.

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