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November 29, 2004


Jason Thompson

You've got a nerve, I think.


Yes, you're right on both counts.

Tim the Enchanter

Unconnected but trivial nonetheless....For some reason whenever I try to check the 'Remember personal info?' box on your blog it doesn't do it. Slightly suspicious and only mildly frustrating.


Does it work on other blogs?

Tim the Enchanter

All except yours and Jason's. But despite the extra work involved in accessing your blogs by keying in my info every time, I still feel it's worth all the effort. Also...I've got the feeling there's a clue in your question.


I have the same problem - I can't even get my OWN blog to remember me! I have reported it to Typepad, but they just say it works fine for them, so I'm glad I'm in good company (staves off the paranoia for a little while longer!)


it looks a bit like a brain covered in silly string


A breakaway group of mushy peas trying to escape down the Northern Line (Charing Cross branch)? Gap the Mind?

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