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November 08, 2004



Amongst the thoughts that occur to me are, firstly, I'm amazed Bill Maher knows 'most Christians' well enough to be so critical, and secondly, well, the point of being a Christian is to have a relationship with Jesus and God, and yes, to strive to learn from and be like them. But that doesn't mean we ARE like them, and we'll never truly be 'Christlike'. We're human, with all of the things that entails, stupidity, immaturity, selfishness and wrongdoing amongst them. Being a Christian is a relationship and a journey, not a destination.


It's always the same, no-one comments on a serious posting for ages, then WHAM! Right between the eyes.

I'll pass your comments on to my good friend Bill and I'm sure he'll literally shake with shame and regret, just as I did.


I know how you feel Andy, I am more like him than I was but that just makes me see what a huge distance I still have to travel.

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