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November 29, 2004



I see everyone's been busy voting. Stuff that! I want to know if the little green hedges currently growing at the top and bottom of your picture are going to continue to grow until the totally engulf you?
Then there'll be a beautiful but determined princess warrior who will take out her very realistic, though computerised light sabre and slash through the branches. Once inside she will find you slumbering peacefully under an interesting, photogenic sky. She will present you with a bowl of the most exquisite raspberry trifle and escort you to a warm, homely restaurant, serving the most delicious food.
And me .... I'd go for the photos.


Holly, Liz. Holly.

Christmas. Holly.



So now you can't differentiate between me and your dog! If it wasn't for the fact that I know you really love Holly, I'd be deeply offended.


No, Liz.

Holly - Picture - Holly - Christmas - Decorations

Please link appropriately. Thank you.

The Management.


I prefer my version, it's much more interesting.

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