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October 29, 2004


Tim the Enchanter

You utter much sensible truth here Andy. A personal favourite of mine is a quality (quality mind you not rabbit food!)...muesli with probably a strawberry flavoured yoghurt poured liberally over the top. This is essentially a summer breakfast. At the moment I am indulging in porridge 'of a morning'. Best regards and happy breakfasting.


Shredded Wheat is fine as long as it is really soggy. Otherwise it is like trying to eat straw. When eating Shredded Wheat I like to spend plenty of time squashing it into the milk substitute.

Cornflakes are really good because they don't all go soggy at once so you get a nice mix of textures.

Jason Thompson

Are sausages, bacon, eggs, haggis, fried bread, beans, hash browns, mushrooms and fried tomato considered a breakfast cerial? If not, then I vote for chips.

Aaron the fast breaker

I agree with dad. Healthy muesli with yoghurt (mind you in order for this to not contradict itself it should be the healthy sort of yoghurt). I like Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Clusters at the minute and also Tesco's Maple and Pecan crisp - they're really more-ish. Then there's always black pudding sarnies and a bowl of fresh tripe.


I'm hearing a lot about museli - but is it really one of the basic types of cereal?

Maybe it is.

As for you, Jason - it's chips.


Hey! What's with all the dissing of soggy cereal? Some of us like the soggy bits! Does that make me, er, I mean, us, a bad person, I mean, people? For me, er, I mean us, Weetabix et al reaches a state of perfection when you, by which I mean we, can suck it through a straw. Now that's good eating!!

or rather, good slurping...


If you want a cereal that stays crisp then
Cheerios are in my humble opinion
definately the best option.

I have no idea how healthy they are but they are high on entertainment value -you can suck the milk thru the hole and very tiny people can use them for hoopla.


Of all the aforementioned cereals, I have to say that I think Weetabix is fine with just a spattering of milk. It does look rather like cement after a short time however, and if it's left in the bowl while one goes shopping, and the bowl is left in the sunlight, it's utterly impossible to scrape off. *ponders possibility of marketing as new adhesive*
Personally, I think that Cinnamon Crunch is unbeatable as a breakfast cereal, if indeed one has to eat cereal at all.
Toast could count as a cereal couldn't it? That stays lovely and crispy!


Mini Wheats with a lil brown sugar, pour on the milk and pop in the microwave for 1 minute...MMM!


If only I knew what mini-wheats were...


Anyone like Kix. I like them a lot. I like me cereals soggy, I can't stand them all crispy, so I normally let them sit in the milk for a while before I eat them. A lot of people don't like it this way for some reason.

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