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October 20, 2004


Milton Hheugh

I have always wondered what the correct medical names are for a gentleman's a) glimmy, b) Nelson's Brace, c) plimmy or plimmy tube, d) jassul and e) Bowl of Androlysse. If you know, I'd love dearly for you to tell me. It would please me to the very tips of my Angels' Udders.

Tim the Enchanter (and bone setter)

Is the top of the foot known as 'the instep' or is that too easy?


Dear Milton:

a) Mouth or "Smiler"
b) Shoulder
c) Willy - or tummy banana
d) Well, I've always called it the Jassul.
e) Pelvis

Hope this helps.


Tim - I've always thought of the instep as the curved bit on the side of the foot, but I stand/stagger screaming to be corrected.


Oh marvellous and enchanting Tim, in your role as bone setter, I pray you to note that the instep is a concave area of the foot(unless of course one suffers from that all too disheartening flatfootedness, in which case it is ...erm, flat), to be found to the side and slightly under the foot, whereas the top of the foot is somewhat convex. Knowledge and adherence to this rule will make the life of your patients more pleasurable, less painful and actually maintain their capacity to walk.

Tim the Confused

That explains a lot to me. I stand (on the OTHER foot obviously), corrected.

Tim the Enlightened

instep ('in,step) n. 1. the middle section of the human foot, forming the arch between the ankle and the toes. 2. the part of a shoe or stocking covering this.

You foot fools!


Isn't the arch the underneath bit, to the side?


In my dictionary it states the instep to be "the inner arch of the foot between the toes and the ankle" which of course is as the word suggests!

Also found this on a website, "The inside of the foot (the medial side) arches up between the heel and the ball of the big toe. The dance world often refers to this as ‘the instep’ but its proper name is the medial longitudinal arch" so we're all wrong!


I suggest we follow Milton's lead and simply refer to it as the "Plim-Plim".

Less controversy that way.

Tim the Smug

The arched top of the foot IN FRONT of the ankle.,12855,322971,00.html

The portion of the foot to the side of the shoelaces; the inside of the foot.

Part of the foot covered by the shoelaces. Used for powerful kicks.

the arch of the foot

the part of a shoe or stocking that covers the instep


My dear Tim, just because others share your deviance from the truth, doesn't make it right...

Tim the Podiatrist long as we keep talking about feet.

(regards - Tim the foot fetishist)


You'd like that, wouldn't you?

You're sitting there....totally barefoot just waiting for me to say "Instep" or perhaps "toes".

Yes, you're sitting there with a big smile on yer face...


you mean on my glimmy don't you?


Yes. Yes I do.

Small thought: Is it possible we are wasting time on this?


You going for the record of the blog entry with the greatest number of comments here?


Not really, but what can I do? I had no idea that the instep would prove to be such a bone of contention.

Not that it is a bone, obviously. Well, it contains bones - or is certainly near some. At least I think so. Sometimes reality is surprisingly evasive.


What is the Correct name for the body part located between your nose and your mouth? You know the two lines between the nose and the lip. Please tell me...

Jason Thompson

It's known as the Benifer Clearance


Of course it is.


PLEASE! Someone email me the name of the inside crease of your elbow! Like the inside of your knee, but the elbow. I am going NUTS here!
[email protected]


...the debate "knee"ds to be resolved. What is the name of the space behind ones knee? A body part that truly deserves recognition. Please help.


These are thorny issues.

I'd have to make up names in order help you out.

OK, so back of the knee is called: The Fritsburg Softness

OK, so back of the elbow is called: The McAlpine Vulnerability

I hope this helps.



Nuff said


what is The back of the knee joint, sort of behind the knee.


what is The back of the knee joint, sort of behind the knee.


what is The back of the knee joint, sort of behind the knee.

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